"Internet of Things" set to Fuel a Permanent Paradigm Shift and Change Security Priorities too, Nevales Ready for it

With cloud based security offerings, Nevales caters to the new model of security gamut under IoT, the new tech buzz. As per the latest research, in the near future almost half of all IP traffic will originate from non-PC devices. IDC expects the IoT market to be $8.9 trillion in 2020 and have a compound annual growth rate of 7.9 percent.   Read more →

Nevales Releases Key Network Security Trends Report Q1 2014

Nevales Networks, released the key network security trends report for the first quarter of the year 2014. The report is the outcome of data analysis of Nevales customers and reveals interesting statistics around the popular network security trends among users.   Read more →

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30 May

The security facet: Public cloud vs private cloud

“Security concerns for cloud technology were always a matter for consideration for IT professionals and researchers.” Says Suija Rishi. Visit External Link

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29 May

'You must be able to adjust to the global work environment and accept different cultures'- Johan Rydell, CTO, Nevales Networks

With my work experience, I learnt that you must try to understand your surroundings well. You must be able to adjust to the global work environment and accept different cultures. I have always stood up...

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22 May

Nevales Networks Named Winner of TiE50 2013

Nevales Networks, an innovator in delivering comprehensive and affordable cloud-based managed security services to enterprises on a 'Pay As You Use' model, has announced today that it has been named Winner of 2013 TiE50 "Top...

Nevales is a software company that delivers through hardware

That's how Kaushik Thakkar, Co-Founder & CEO, Nevales Networks describes his company during this interaction with Pankaj Maru and talks about the journey of Nevales cloud based security device and its potential demands, go-to-market strategy, relocation of headquarters in the U.S.,and much more.   Read more →

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12 May

Simplifying Network Security is the Biggest Challenge

In an interview with Sunija Rishi, Co-founder & CMO, Nevales Networks about the company’s new initiatives and other programmes. Excerpts of the interview: Nevales Networks cloud based managed security platform is a combination of an...

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12 May

Companies often benchmark against the wrong vendors

The information security landscape is constantly evolving and paving the way for newer opportunities and threats. In an exclusive interaction with CXOtoday, Kaushik Thakkar, CEO and Co-Founder at Nevales Networks discusses some of the critical...

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11 May

How to ensure network security at branch office

Enterprises have a hard time ensuring network security for their branch offices The journey of a large enterprise branching out into a new market (such as city or region) is not too different from that...

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10 May

Solving Local Problems With A Global Perspective

Kaushik Thakkar, CEO and Co-founder of Mumbai-based Nevales Networks, is a seasoned business and technology excutive with hands-on experience of setting up businesses in Asia, Europe, Latin America and US. Nevales manages security, connectivity and...