Introducing AQUAMARINE: A Revolutionary Cloud Security Gateway

Yes!!! a Next Generation device launched, but not yet another Next-Gen device. What makes this device so special?

New Feature on Nevales : Virus Reports

For long, we have been just showing you the number of viruses detected and blocked in your network by Nevales NSGs. Now, you can see the details on these viruses as well. You will be shown with details - Time when virus is detected, Virus name, Client Ip which generated request for a url with virus and the url.

New Feature on Nevales : Bandwidth Reports

With the new Bandwidth reports, you will be able to see the bandwidth usages per WAN link you have on Nevales NSG - WAN1, WAN2 and USB Dongle (2G/3G).

Nevales Promotes Green Tech with Imagination Technologies !

Nevales is leveraging the popular MIPS architecture in new energy-efficient, cost-effective and high-performance plug-and-play ready security gateway devices. These devices are designed for modern cloud-based networking requirements. The new environment-friendly Nevales device is built on the energy efficiency of the MIPS architecture from Imagination Technologies, which helps to increase the energy efficiency of the device by up to 90% over Nevales’ previous generation product. Nevales’s product design and engineering expertise combined with power-efficient MIPS-based technology have evolved into an innovative solution that can enable carriers...

Nevales named finalist for TiE50 2013 Awards: A Milestone in a Global Journey

Recently Nevales has been announced as a Finalist for TiE50 2013 Awards. TiE50 Awards Program recognizes world's most enterprising technology startups and Nevales is one among the 104 finalists shortlisted this year. It’s mention-worthy that Nevales was selected as one of the finalists from over 1,100 of the most promising young companies across the world after being screened by TiE's expert judging panel. Companies were chosen based on their business model, IP value, and leadership team. TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards program...

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14 May

New Feature on Nevales : Enable/Disable a User Account

How to enable/disable a User Account For all the purposes where you might want to temporarily block an User account, you can use this new facility in Nevales Administration App. This is an admin function...

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14 May

New Feature on Nevales : App Access Control

Have you ever wanted to control access to various apps on Nevales portal? Have you ever wanted to define separate Admin roles - Admins who can only create or manage user accounts, Admins who can...

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14 May

New Feature on Nevales : Password Expiry Policies

Fortify the Security with Password Expiry Policies For greater security, it is always recommended to change your passwords at regular intervals. With the help of this feature, you can define the default expiration or validity...